Managed Print Solutions

Optimise Efficiency. Enhance Productivity. Reduce Costs.

OSA has a reputation for crafting unique Managed Print Solutions (MPS) for companies large and small, including some of Australia’s biggest and brightest.

OSA has been developing transparent and bespoke MPS for over 15 years, and are the choice of many Australian businesses by boosting their efficiency, increasing performance, reducing costs and listen to our client’s needs, delivering what they require.

Combining innovative technology with a strong focus on service, and partnerships which offer the best hardware with visionary print strategies, OSA’s solutions create significant increases in security, visibility and control, document workflow streamlining, the document lifecycle and reduces your environmental footprint by offering on average 34 percent lower operational costs allowing re-investment for future growth and achievement of lasting business gains.

At a time when more and more businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency, OSA has supplied the answers through OSA Managed Print Solutions.
Our Managed Print Services Professionals understand that many businesses significantly underestimate the costs of their print function.

OSA methodology is a six-stage process of building strong partnerships with key stakeholders.

Our process

OSA methodology is a six-stage process of building
strong partnerships with key stakeholders.

  • Discover
    Discover what, who and where is being printed in your business.
    OSA will conduct an MPS Audit to understand your business requirements.
    OSA MPS consultants take considerable time obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your current business document output and operational work flows for both current and future needs.

  • Design
    Design a solution that fits the business needs both now and into the future.
    After thorough analyse of our findings, we design the “right fit Solution” that will meet your business requirement’s now and into the future.
    A comprehensive solution for your print environment designed to meet your specific business requirements.

  • Implement
    Ensure a seamless transition from the old to the new.
    Project management, system integration, user training and program change management.
    Our professional project management team will implement a program to ensure a seamless transition to your new managed solution, using a defined methodology and training to support both your business and end-users ensuring minimum disruption.

  • Review
    Continuous improvement to support the changing needs of the business.
    Continual reviews that address business, operational and user needs.
    OSA MPS captures all the relevant information to deliver continuous improvements and support your evolving business needs.

  • Manage
    Managing and Maintaining your fleet and documents workflows to ensure it is operating at its optimum.
    Managing and Maintaining your fleet and documents workflows to ensure it is operating at its optimum.
    OSA MPS consultants will ensure your print fleet and document workflows maintain optimum performance over the term, placing the highest importance on exceeding agreed KPIs and SLAs.

  • Improve
  • The 4 Key Benefits of OSA MPS


    Cost Control

    Reduce print costs by up to 30%

    Do you know where all your print costs come from?

    Can you identify which costs are necessary and which are not?

    “White Collar Workers produce on an average 10,000 pages per annum, of which 44% is avoidable and unnecessary printing. Gartner Inc

    OSA know how much print costs your business – both in terms of direct and indirect costs. That’s why we’ve designed our unique OSA MPS platform. By outsourcing part or all of your print management to OSA, you can significantly reduce and control all your print associated costs, and improve your bottom line.



    Improved Business Efficiency

    Are you looking to identify opportunities for streamlining and integrating user workflow?

    Do you want to take the hassle out of printing so you can focus on your core business?

    …the average company’s costs associated with searching for and managing documents are more than 100 hours per year per employee.
    Gartner Inc.

    OSA understand that traditional workplaces spend valuable time order supplies, installing supplies, servicing bookings, fixing paper jams and errors.

    OSA can streamline all of these processes improving your overall business efficiencies, customer satisfaction and bottom line.

    Document Workflow Solutions; reduce business costs, boost productivity and improve efficiency.

    OSA platform allows for clients to leverage next generation solutions which allow document workflow solutions that can be built or integrated to reduce business costs and boost productivity.

    Our Consultants will work with you to identify opportunities for streamlining and integrating user workflow.

    Your paper intensive document-related processes can be automated to gain control, enhance security through the input, throughput and output phases in line with current industry regulation or compliance.



    Improve your document processes and ensure information security

    Are you concerned about the sensitive information that flows through your networked printing devices?

    You should be!

    You stake your reputation and put your business on the line if you do not make sure that the information you handle remains confidential.

    Today’s organisations have a duty of care when processing documents containing sensitive client or public information and increasingly need to comply with regulatory guidelines relating to the handling of sensitive or confidential information in both the public and private sectors.

    With security risks and regulation on the rise, it’s important to choose a managed print services provider who can address business continuity, network and data security, as part of your overall print strategy.

    OSA work with manufacturers to offer equipment that is certified for data security, which means you can trust that your business information will be safe.

    Did you know that your old MFP devices have confidential information stored on the hard drive, and if not handled correctly you are at risk of someone having access to this?

    Contact OSA to find out how we can assist to protect your business



    Taking Care of the Environment Together

    Are you searching for business solutions that contribute towards your company’s environmental goals?

    MPS leverages Principal’s award-winning power saving technology, waste-reducing tools and software solutions to help your business decrease energy use, cut consumable waste and reduce your overall environment footprint.

    OSA will identify where environmental savings can be made in terms of CO2 emissions, toner and paper consumption. OSA also provide environmental reports highlighting any environmental trends and benefits achieved.


    Want to save up to 30% on printing costs?

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