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Top 10 Things You Need to Know When Buying an Office Chair

August 29, 2016 Work Spaces

Take the pain out of choosing office chairs.

Don’t worry – this isn’t another ergonomic guide to make you feel bad about the way you sit at work. We all know that we need good posture to protect our backs and wrists and everything else, but wouldn’t it be easier if we didn’t have to think about it, and even better if we never had to look at one of those OH&S charts again? With the right office chair we can sit the right way, stay comfortable and stop the aches and pains. Even better, supportive office chairs have been shown to increase productivity and maximise efficiency! Here’s the top 10 things you need to know when buying chairs for your office:

  1. Your chair is the most important and most frequently used piece of office furniture

Australian office workers spend 6.3 hours every day sitting at their desk making their chair the most used item of office furniture and the most important according to safety experts.

  1. Chairs are generally designed to suit 90-95% of the adult population

With all their fancy adjustable parts now, chairs are pretty much one-size fits all. If you are particularly tall, short or large you may need to find a special chair to meet your needs. Office National promises to source any special orders no matter how bizarre!

  1. The right chair reduces health risks

Everyone’s sat in a shocker of a chair at some point, so you know the different aches and pains they can cause. Over time these aches and pains can lead to more debilitating problems like RSI or chronic back pain. A good chair will have many adjustable parts to fit it to your body, and once adjusted should help you to sit comfortably and ergonomically so you don’t even have to think about it each time you sit down.

  1. The right chair improves productivity

The knock on effect of a healthier chair is improved productivity. Without injury or pain you can get on with your job and you’ll also be happier. As they say, “you’ve got to spend money to make money”, and in the case of office chairs it couldn’t be truer. This is not an area to scrimp and cut costs. Investing in quality chairs now will have long-term financial benefits for your business.

  1. Choose a chair, not a ball

We’re often made to think that “alternative seating” like fitness balls or saddle seats are better for you, but WorkSafe says they may not provide the best support for the workplace. Better to opt for a chair designed specifically for an office environment.

  1. Posture’s important, but movement’s better

Sitting in the right chair will reduce aches and pains, but it’s no good if you’re sitting for too long even in the right position. Research is now showing that sitting too much is making us fat and sick, so make sure you’re moving regularly by changing position, walking around or using a sit-stand desk to mix it up.

  1. The chair has to fit the user

Everyone is unique and while most chairs can accommodate most people there are still features that you need to consider in order to get the right chair for you. What type of fabric do you prefer to sit on? Is leather within your budget? Do you like armrests or do you feel like they get in the way? These are some of the things that will make the chair suitable for you.

  1. The chair has to fit the workstation

Your chair has to fit you but it also needs to fit your workstation. Armrests may not be an option with some desks and other desks may need the height of drafting chairs.

  1. The chair has to fit the office

The style of your office will determine the look of your chairs. In a more traditional office you may be limited to only black chairs for instance, but colour may be welcomed in trendier workplaces. Many formal work environments will require consistency in their office décor with more casual offices offering more flexibility. Check with management for guidance.

  1. Office chair accessories

Once you’ve picked the perfect chair you still need a few things to complete your workstation. Add a chairmat to protect the flooring beneath your chair and to make it easier to scoot around and access the stuff you need. It may also be necessary to comply with the warranty on your flooring and to protect your computer and other devices from static electricity. And kick in a footrest for optimal comfort while sitting.


Ergonomics: A Paleo Makeover for Your Office Will Improve Your Life

Work Spaces

Why ergonomics is important to the workplace and beyond.

Your silent suffering is costing your company money. The niggly little pains and discomforts that you put up with at work are making you less productive, reducing morale, and are the main reason you’ll take a sickie. And it’s not just your work that suffers – you’re the one who has to live with the pain after hours. It might be a bit of cramping while playing Candy Crush now, but long-term that pain could develop into RSI or carpal tunnel. You’ll suffer the consequences and your boss will be up for Workers Compensation – it’s a lose-lose situation.

How did we get here?

The modern office is a far cry from the freedom our Paleo ancestors had to move as they hunted and gathered. We haven’t evolved to digest a modern diet of “Franken-foods” which are causing us to get sick and fat, and neither have we evolved to sit in a cubicle all day and this is making us sick, fat and sore. The answer isn’t to quit our jobs and return to nature, but maybe we can bring the benefits of nature to the office.

That’s where ergonomics comes in

Ergonomics is about making the workplace fit the worker rather than forcing the worker to fit the workplace. It takes into consideration your body’s natural design and function.

What does this mean for you?

If your job causes physical discomfort or pain, it’s because your environment isn’t right for you. Rather than you putting up with the pain or having to change the way you do things, ergonomics means that the environment you work in can be changed to fit you.

What does this mean for your boss?

Your boss has a legal obligation to look after workplace OH&S, and all the research shows that a healthy workplace leads to a healthy bottomline. Healthy workers are more productive, more efficient and produce better quality work. A healthy workplace has less absenteeism, higher staff retention and improved morale. Each of these has a monetary value and is reason enough to implement ergonomics in your workplace.

Try a Paleo makeover for your office

I don’t mean replacing your desk chair with a tree stump! Fortunately modern man has figured out how to adapt the modern workplace to make you more comfortable and to fit with your body’s natural design. Start with a quality ergonomic chair and desk – ideally a sit-stand desk so you’re not sitting down all day. Then add in ergonomic accessories to provide maximum comfort. Start by setting up your workstation with a monitor support, glare filter and document holder. Then put your body into a better position with a footrest, wrist pad, back support and standing mat. OSA stocks a full range of ergonomic accessories to target all the ergonomic zones.

Ergonomic workplace = healthier life and healthier business

You don’t have to live like a caveman to eliminate the pain of the modern workplace. A few small ergonomic changes to your work environment will take away the pain and make it easier for you to get on with your job. Your increased productivity will result in greater profitability for your company, greater job satisfaction for you, as well as improving your long-term health.

For more information on workplace health and safety, refer to Safe Work Australia


34 Meeting Room Essentials and Extras

August 22, 2016 Work Spaces

You’ll be the office superhero with this handy guide.

Whether you’re setting up a meeting room for the first time, you’re ready to take your boardroom to the next level, or you just need a reminder for what to organise for your meetings, our handy checklists will help you out.


Conference table  
Data projector  

Conference table

A round table signals equality, a horseshoe is perfect for training or a long table is a great multi-purpose option.

High-back chairs

A professional meeting room will have about 10 matching chairs to fit around the table.


Store all the loose bits and pieces and use the top as a counter for your tea, coffee and snacks.


A whiteboard is a standard feature for meeting rooms. It can be either freestanding and mobile or wall-mounted.

Data projector

It’s now taken for granted that meetings will include digital presentations. A basic model projector will also require a screen.


Often overlooked for meeting rooms, a bin will encourage people to clean up after themselves and keep the room tidy.


It’s time to take your meeting room to the next level!

Basic boardroom furniture and equipment is a great way to start, but at some point your boardroom needs to grow-up to contend with the big guns.

Your office should reflect your brand’s personality, with the boardroom as the centerpiece. Whether your style is classis, modern, quirky or completely out-there, your boardroom needs to be fitted out with luxurious furniture and equipment and personalised with custom artwork and accessories.

Conference table

Welcome to the grown-ups’ table. You’ll get functionality along with swagger.

High-back chairs

Everyone will be sitting like a boss in plush, high-back chairs. Keep it professional with matching chairs or glam is up with mixed styles.


Frameless and elegant.

Data projector

Tech up with an installed, ultra bright wireless data projector that’s touch interactive!

Lux items

Air purifier, clock, coffee machine and custom artwork.


Whiteboard markers  
Whiteboard eraser  
Tea and coffee  
Water bottles  



Presentation files  
Presentation pointer  
Cups and plates  

The 10 Coolest Offices in the World

Design, Work Spaces

Inspiration for a happier, healthier workplace.

Our working environment impacts our overall health and wellbeing as well as our commercial creativity and productivity, so it’s time to look to the office space superstars for inspiration for how to turn our drab cubicles into professional powerhouses.

Google (USA and worldwide)

Google are renowned for their innovation as well as their innovative work environment. With a commercial landscape that looks more like a playground, we’re all familiar with its fountains, gardens, restaurants, basketball court, putting green, unconventional workspaces and of course the famous slide!

Corus Entertainment (Canada)

The office of Corus Entertainment in Canada also features a slide within its 5-storey atrium, along with boardroom tables shaped like ice hockey rinks.

Missing Link (South Africa)

Sliding down in a different way, South African presentation firm, Missing Link, provides staff with a fireman’s pole to go downstairs, as well as a shooting range and tattoo studio.

Comvert (Italy)

Alternative clothing company, Comvert, transformed an abandoned cinema for its office and installed an indoor skate bowl suspended above their warehouse!

Lego (Denmark)

For a colourful, open-plan office you can’t beat Lego’s Danish headquarters. Plus every room comes complete with Lego for your playing pleasure.

Exquise Design (Paris France)

Colour also fuels the creativity at French design agency, Exquise Design.

Selgas Cano (Spain)

From the inside, Spanish architecture company Selgas Cano looks more like your typical office, but a glance at its glass walls reveals an inspiring panorama with the structure located in the woods and half submerged into the ground.

Innocent (UK)

British natural beverage company, Innocent Drinks, brings the outside in with grass carpeting and fruit towers for their staff.

SapientNitro (Singapore)

Another triumphant merger between the outdoors with an office environment is found at SapientNitro’s Singapore headquarters. The marketing and consulting agency is equipped with two outdoor garden terraces.

ANZ Centre (Australia)

Australia can hold its own in the stakes for coolest office space, with Melbourne’s award-winning ANZ Centre banking on transparency and accessibility.


Mobile Glassboards: Just Like the Crime Shows

August 20, 2016 Design, Work Spaces

Mobile glassboards have become synonymous with crime shows like CSI, and their stunning appearance can add a dramatic impact with full functionality to your workplace.

Crime shows let us hop on the emotional rollercoaster of passion, suspense, fear, anger, death and madness in the safety of our own living room. As we watch our heroes solve the puzzle and catch the bad guy, we are drawn into a fantasy world that may not quite mirror reality, but looks great on screen. One prop synonymous with these shows is the magnificent mobile glassboard. With its sleek, sterile look, and transparency that allows us to watch the chiselled detective as he scribbles away on it, it’s as though glassboards were designed purely for their cinematic effect.

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Glassboards: Whiteboards Come of Age (Bringing Sexy Back to Your Office)

Design, Work Spaces

Whiteboards have grown up to become sexy glassboards with businesses everywhere aspiring to add them and their superior looks and function.

It’s hard to believe that not so long ago, drop-dead-gorgeous Justin Timberlake was a child star with hair that looked like 2 Minute Noodles. His skill and passion for his art has always been undisputed, but his look has certainly improved, getting better with age. And just like his transformation over the years, whiteboards have undergone a makeover, coming of age and bringing sexy back in the form of glassboards.

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