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The 10 Coolest Offices in the World

August 22, 2016 Design, Work Spaces

Inspiration for a happier, healthier workplace.

Our working environment impacts our overall health and wellbeing as well as our commercial creativity and productivity, so it’s time to look to the office space superstars for inspiration for how to turn our drab cubicles into professional powerhouses.

Google (USA and worldwide)

Google are renowned for their innovation as well as their innovative work environment. With a commercial landscape that looks more like a playground, we’re all familiar with its fountains, gardens, restaurants, basketball court, putting green, unconventional workspaces and of course the famous slide!

Corus Entertainment (Canada)

The office of Corus Entertainment in Canada also features a slide within its 5-storey atrium, along with boardroom tables shaped like ice hockey rinks.

Missing Link (South Africa)

Sliding down in a different way, South African presentation firm, Missing Link, provides staff with a fireman’s pole to go downstairs, as well as a shooting range and tattoo studio.

Comvert (Italy)

Alternative clothing company, Comvert, transformed an abandoned cinema for its office and installed an indoor skate bowl suspended above their warehouse!

Lego (Denmark)

For a colourful, open-plan office you can’t beat Lego’s Danish headquarters. Plus every room comes complete with Lego for your playing pleasure.

Exquise Design (Paris France)

Colour also fuels the creativity at French design agency, Exquise Design.

Selgas Cano (Spain)

From the inside, Spanish architecture company Selgas Cano looks more like your typical office, but a glance at its glass walls reveals an inspiring panorama with the structure located in the woods and half submerged into the ground.

Innocent (UK)

British natural beverage company, Innocent Drinks, brings the outside in with grass carpeting and fruit towers for their staff.

SapientNitro (Singapore)

Another triumphant merger between the outdoors with an office environment is found at SapientNitro’s Singapore headquarters. The marketing and consulting agency is equipped with two outdoor garden terraces.

ANZ Centre (Australia)

Australia can hold its own in the stakes for coolest office space, with Melbourne’s award-winning ANZ Centre banking on transparency and accessibility.


Mobile Glassboards: Just Like the Crime Shows

August 20, 2016 Design, Work Spaces

Mobile glassboards have become synonymous with crime shows like CSI, and their stunning appearance can add a dramatic impact with full functionality to your workplace.

Crime shows let us hop on the emotional rollercoaster of passion, suspense, fear, anger, death and madness in the safety of our own living room. As we watch our heroes solve the puzzle and catch the bad guy, we are drawn into a fantasy world that may not quite mirror reality, but looks great on screen. One prop synonymous with these shows is the magnificent mobile glassboard. With its sleek, sterile look, and transparency that allows us to watch the chiselled detective as he scribbles away on it, it’s as though glassboards were designed purely for their cinematic effect.

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Glassboards: Whiteboards Come of Age (Bringing Sexy Back to Your Office)

Design, Work Spaces

Whiteboards have grown up to become sexy glassboards with businesses everywhere aspiring to add them and their superior looks and function.

It’s hard to believe that not so long ago, drop-dead-gorgeous Justin Timberlake was a child star with hair that looked like 2 Minute Noodles. His skill and passion for his art has always been undisputed, but his look has certainly improved, getting better with age. And just like his transformation over the years, whiteboards have undergone a makeover, coming of age and bringing sexy back in the form of glassboards.

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